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Rates display

Calling side ($/Min)
China Skype 0.03(USD)
China VietNam 0.4(¥)
China India 0.6(¥)
China Australia 0.8(¥)
TaiWan Korea 4.79(NTD)
TaiWan Thailand 3.19(NTD)
TaiWan India 5.11(NTD)
TaiWan TaiWan 4.8(NTD)
Japan China 0.02(USD)
China Thailand 0.2(¥)
America Skype 0.02(USD)
China Finland 0.22(USD)
China HongKong 0.03(USD)
TaiWan Skype 0.09(USD)
TaiWan America 0.09(USD)
China TaiWan 0.09(USD)
China Japan 0.09(USD)
China Chile 0.22(USD)
China Korea 0.07(USD)
China Egypt 0.22(USD)
Japan HongKong 0.02(USD)

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  • Money-saving Mapping Number Generator
  • Register 28TEL with your phone number to apply 28TEL service. Add contact person, get the exclusive mapping number given by 28TEL, and dial this number to connect your friend!
  • MOTOSKY stands for Mobile to Skype, which means using a cell phone to call Skype. It requires no monthly fees, contract, installation, additional software or hardware, and lets you call 62 countries around the world at any time!
  • Roaming Free
  • With 28TEL Roaming Free ,you no longer need to worry about the expensive international roaming fees, and enjoy ultra-low rate international cell phone calls that save you up to 80%!